Be Better Than Just Average

Go from good to unbeatable.
Bust through plateaus and never stop getting faster, fitter, stronger, & tougher.
Get shredded and surpass yourself each and every session.
Force your most stubborn muscles to grow.
Find out our secret performance systems that get you to a whole new level.

Crush It! 

Medical Fitness Pros is the secret weapon used by some of the most elite high school, collegiate, and professional level athletes in Texas. The MedFit Performance program is for those looking to take things to the next level, to become powerful, lightning fast, with incredible agility and endurance levels.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to rise above the competition, or whether you’re a fitness competitor looking to reach new heights, MFP has the equipment, the knowledge, and the cutting-edge training protocols to help skyrocket you to a whole new stratosphere.

Performance training at MFP is guaranteed to dramatically increase your performance and competitive greatness.

Knock your socks off with power-packed, hour long training workouts!

Xtreme Perfomance

Custom Designed Programs
60-Minute Sessions led by Certified Sports Medical Exercise Practitioners
Monthly Challenges & Incentives
Your choice - Private or Small Group Sessions (max. 6 people)

Primary Areas of Focus:

Unrivaled, Award-Winning Performance Accelerator Program

Xtreme Performance is built to provide a motivating and competitive atmosphere where each person is pushed to higher levels by their certified sports medical exercise practitioner, as well as the other group teammates. The beautiful part is that we match people who are on similar yet unique journeys – which means that not everyone is not doing the same thing.

Each athlete starts off with a thorough performance assessment of strength, agility, muscle imbalance, and conditioning. Our assessment protocol factors in your injury history, training experience and frequency, as well as your particular sport(s).  

This comprehensive approach is a key ingredient in ensuring your meteoric rise to super stardom because it’s how we create a tailor-made sports conditioning and training system designed specifically to address your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

Your progress is monitored and logged each month so that we can  adjust according to your progress level and ensure you never reach plateaus and are always surpassing lofty benchmarks. 

NB: If you are a beginner just starting out on your fitness quest and it has been quite a few years (or maybe even decades) since you've worked out and exercised, we recommend starting with MedFit Fitness Program

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