MedFit Xtension

MedFit Xtension is our flagship program. Built on medical exercise protocols that are recognized by hospitals and physicians as effective in promoting recovery from a wide variety of chronic pains, limited mobility issues, numbness and tingling.

We tailor every exercise program with scientifically-based protocols created specifically for your needs. Whether you are suffering from low back pain caused by an awkward movement or from pain caused by an illness like fibromyalgia, or even aches and stiffness stemming from an old/new injury, we can help. Guaranteed

– Recognized by the National Stroke Association for our impressive work improving the motor & muscle functioning in people who’ve suffered from major and minor strokes.

– Fully endorsed by the local medical community as well as American Medical Associations.

How it Works


We work in conjunction with your doctor by first contacting them to obtain pertinent information concerning your condition/ injury. We document all training sessions and submit monthly medical progress reports to your physician.



We perform a scientific 12-point musculoskeletal screening, a mobility test, as well as an overall fitness & conditioning assessment. This allows us to thoroughly ascertain, and properly recommend, the most effective course of action.


Based on your the results from your initial evaluation, we create a specific medical exercise program that safely accelerates your improvement, alleviates your pain, corrects posture alignment, and restores your overall sense of well-being.



MedFit Xtension™ is covered by some Medical Health Insurers as well as your HSA. Once the evaluation and program has been determined, we submit all necessary information to your insurance company for you. Find out more about insurance coverage.


Depending on the results of your evaluation, we'll recommend the optimal program for you and provide you with a clear path forward. We offer 45, & 60 minute private & semi-private sessions. In most cases, the Xtension program lasts 1-3 months.

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Doctors, physiotherapists, and hundreds of people suffering various forms of pain trust us every day because of our unrivaled success rate. We've been documenting this proof with insurance companies for over 10 years! Count on improving and achieving the results you want.

What is a Medical Exercise Specialist?

A Medical Exercise Specialist is a professional who has been extensively trained, educated, and certified on the inner workings of how the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons of the body function. This includes a deep understanding of functional body movement  in order to provide restorative, curative and beneficial exercise protocols to people suffering from chronic and persistent pain stemming from a wide variety of medical conditions, injuries, illnesses, and sports stresses.

Improving limited mobility is a huge part of what we do.

For some, MES’ pick up where physical therapy leaves off. For others,  MES’ provide the integral, ongoing care needed to stay pain-free, healthy, and fit. 

Medical Fitness Pros is not a gym; we are a medical fitness facility. Big Difference!

Put our education to work for you – it will be the best gift you’ve ever given yoursel


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