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Shape up & slim down

Got spare tires? We'll take 'em off you

(no, not the ones gathering dust in your garage...)

We run as if we’re on fire for Black Friday deals…Yet skimp on investing in the very thing that matters most. Our Health.


You clicked this page because you’re looking for something...

Something that will jump out and make you say “This! This is the place! This is where I’ll actually lose weight, get fit, and STAY fit”!

Because you’re fed up with feeling out of breath from climbing a piddlee’o flight of stairs.

Because you’ve tried everything – from keto diets and Jane Fonda workouts, to weight loss supplements and every exercise gizmo ever sold on QVC.

Because you’re frustrated seeing all those inspiring videos of people who’ve lost 100 or 200 pounds when you’ve pretty much tried out every gym around, with little or no lasting results.

Can we let you in on a secret?

It's really not your fault.

It’s not your “genetics”.
It’s not because y’all “didn’t work out hard enough” at one of those other gyms.
It’s also not because y’all lacked the motivation and desire.

It’s because they – the personal trainers at those gyms you’ve been to – lack the knowledge and education needed to have the kind of groundbreaking results enjoyed by Medical Fitness Pros clients.

We get it. You've probably been on the weight loss roller-coaster before...Fad diets, standard workouts that weren't tailored to your particular body and fitness level, that may even have caused injury or strains which sidelined and got you off-track.

Maybe you had personal trainers who were busier checking their social media than making sure your technique was proper (yea we've heard the horror stories) So here's the thing...

MFP is definitely not your run-of-the mill gym

Here you'll :

"Someday soon"

is an attitude that will kill your dreams

Look, if you hesitate because you've never done an exercise program before

Or you worry that you're too old or you're not coordinated

If you think you can't because of your pain or your illness...

Well stop that!

There's absolutely nothing to feel shy, self-conscious, or worried about.

Many folks are starting anew, just like you. Suffering with aches and ailments too.

Guaranteed you'll feel right at home within the first 10 minutes.

Another certainty: From the very first workout - and every one thereafter - you'll leave profoundly glad you embarked on this journey and chose MFP.

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We obsess about your success

What you should know:

1. The focus of our program isn’t about the numbers on a scale. Nor is it on counting every calorie that goes into your body.  It’s on building strength and cardio health in a way that is functional and melts off the pounds naturally, leaving you toned and tight, agile and spry.

2. Our semi-private groups are comprised of 2-6 folks who have similar goals yet each of you on a dynamic journey all your own. You’ll all be doing different things. You’ll love the camaraderie and laughs. 

3. Whether you choose our semi-private group or personal one-on-one training, there is always an Applied Functional Science practitioner at your side. Nothing is left to chance and you’ll never be left wondering if “you’re doing it right” or what the benefits are. 

Lasting weight loss happens here
Private training
$ 125
per session
  • 1 hour workout sessions
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  • includes - 3DX assessment,
    dynamic fitness structure,
    & progress reports
  • Choose your time & lock it in
Semi private
$ 598
per month
  • 1 hour, 3 times per week
  • award 2Created with Sketch Beta. Set times & schedule
  • includes - 3DX assessment,
    dynamic fitness structure,
    & progress reports
  • One 30 minute massage / month
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