Betty is one of those amazing people that just “got it”.  She understood the big picture of eating right and exercising.  I am so proud of her because she took those beginning months that we worked together and has continued to improve on her own.  She still reads our newsletter to learn new things, and is great about doing whatever it takes to continue to excel.  Like many people, her original goal was weight loss.  Even though our original goal was weight loss and improving her posture, she has gone beyond that and has achieved a healthy, active lifestyle.

When I first started personal training with Jason Hodge, I expected to learn how to plan and execute a daily workout and I expected to tone up my body. I really needed and wanted to improve my posture. Since I didn’t know how to use the equipment, I decided to work with Jason. I learned so much about how to use it and what it should do for me. Everything was explained so that I could understand what I should do and why. I actually looked forward to each session and went home tired each time but I knew it had done so much good. I lost weight and went down one size in my clothes and am still there thanks to you, Jason! I also got some very good information about diet and got a good eating plan. I actually thought I was eating “healthy” before, but completely changed my eating habits. I am so thankful for all the help and still use what I learned almost 4 years after my first session. Also, my posture has improved so much that my sister no longer has to tell me to straighten up!

– Betty Hayes
Sugar Land resident