Moving to various countries and back again is a way of life for many Katy families.  Being in the heart of the oil industry, many families are uprooted to other countries every few years.  This can make it difficult for us to know just how effective our personal training programs are for our clients.  It’s one thing to see results when people are working with us, but what happens after they move?  Do they continue to lose weight?  Did we really create life change?  Here’s an e-mail I received last week from one of our clients that moved to Perth, Australia.

Thank You!!! I just wanted to say hello & let you know that through your newletters, blog & facebook page, I am on the road to a better me! I was a client at your facility at the end of 2010 for just a short time before I moved to Perth Australia. Jason Harley was working with me as well. After six months of being here in Perth, I traveled back to Houston for my physical for medical clearance. I had dropped 10 pounds, & all of my medical tests (including cholesterol) were in the normal range. I even received a compliment from the doctor! I still have alot of weight to lose, but it IS coming off.
I am working towards a goal of running a 5K with my daughter. Please tell Jason Harley I said hello!
Keep up the good work. You are making a difference in so many lives!!
Take Care,

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  1. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it and watching the video. I hope I can change that much as well.