Weight Loss

Got spare tires? Let us take ’em off you

Houston, we have a Problem… 

Once again we’ve topped the list of fattest city in the USA. Further, our incidence of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease is on the rise. Being overweight and under-active catches up with everybody eventually. Being fit and strong equals truly enjoying your life, your vacations, the fruits of your hard work.

We run as if we’re on fire for Black Friday deals…
And skimp on investing in the very thing that matters most.
Our Health.

Yeah, we get you: You’ve likely been on this roller-coaster before. Fad diets, standard workouts that weren’t tailored to your particular body and fitness level, that may even have caused injury or strains which sidelined and got you off-track. Or maybe you had personal trainers who were more busy checking their social media than making sure your technique was proper.  Yeah, we’ve heard the horror stories from many of our clients. So here’s the thing…

Medical Fitness Pros is NOT your run-of-the-mill gym.

Here, you won’t find boring, uninspired sessions. You’ll find well thought out, playful programs that will keep you on your toes, melt away your tires, and get rid of your jiggle.

Here you’ll find a staff certified in over 60 medical protocols focused on safe, ultra-effective exercise regimens.

Here, you’ll achieve everything you’ve been hoping and thinking so long about: Eating better, being toned and tight, having tons of energy, and living a life where you awake with vim and vigor!

  • Accomplish more in one training session than you will in a month anywhere else.
  • Be the envy of all your friends in 6 months flat (maybe even quicker than that!).
  • Regain your youthfulness and feel amazing getting there.
  • Conquer your weight issue once and for all and find a level of self-esteem you haven’t had in years.
  • Get chiseled, challenged, and changed.

“Someday” is a disease that will kill your dreams.

If you hesitate because you’ve never done an exercise program before,
If you worry that you’re too old or you’re not coordinated,
If you think you can’t because of your pain or your illness,

Well Stop That!

There’s nothing to feel shy, self-conscious, or worried about!

You’ll love how we care for you and you’ll love the results.

Small Group weight Loss

MFP Weight Loss Program 

Dedicated, medically certified exercise practitioner at every session.
Private groups of 2-6 people, matched by age and fitness level.
FREE Preliminary evaluation & assessment.
Made-to-measure training programs designed specifically to get you results.
Written Progress Reports
2X or 3X per week, 45 minutes each – choose the time that suits you best.
Nutritional guidance, advice, and comprehensive support.
A truly life-changing experience!

No membership fees, no lock-in contracts

Private atmosphere where jokes and laughter fill the air (some grunts and groans too!).
It’s challenging, it’s rewarding, and it produces astonishing results for each and every person.

Our signature weight loss programs feature dynamic and foundational strength training plus intensity-based cardio training – a combination that produces results, is exhilarating, and is adaptable to all fitness level.

Find out how much fun and inspirational exercise can truly be! Especially working out alongside others who are striving to achieve the same goal – permanent weight loss. The camaraderie, the laughs, the support are all part of an incredible journey to living your best life. You’ll love it, guaranteed!

Nothing is left to chance. Your Personal Medical Exercise Fitness Trainer will be right by your side the entire time providing professional guidance, motivation, and they’ll even grunt and groan along with you 🙂

No automatic renewal, leaving it up to you to decide to continue. We’re pretty dang confident you’ll continue because, like we said,  medical fitness pros isn’t like any other gym or fitness center you’ve ever tried before.

Medical Fitness Pros
The Premier & Exclusive Training, Conditioning and Medical Exercise Facility

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Paving Your Way To Becoming Limitless

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