Medical Fitness Pros

You’ll accomplish more in ONE session than you will in a month elsewhere Because we don’t just “guess” and we don’t just “wing it”. Your results will be astonishing Because we don’t just throw some generic, one-size-fits-all program at you. Your efforts won’t be wasted on workout regimens that aren’t optimal for you Because all your sessions are planned with purpose and you’re never left to figure it out by yourself. You won’t ever be locked into yearly memberships and we don’t believe in charging “membership fees” You’re not just “another client”, you’re a valued member of a caring family. You’ll be pampered each and every time you walk in the door From towel service to friendly smiles to a complete focus on You. Your comfort, your progression, your quality of life is truly our main preoccupation Because we are nothing without YOU and we are nothing without your success All of our staff  have passed a rigorous Medical Exercise Protocols education and certification process Which is why Doctors & Physical therapists trust us and regularly refer their patients to us. Our services are covered by some health insurance plans and all HSAs And we take care of all the paperwork so that you don’t have to  

We’re not simply “personal trainers” We Are Medical Fitness Practitioners.