done right.


done right.


done right.

We're very different

...and that really matters

You’ll accomplish more in ONE session than you will in a month elsewhere.
Because we don’t just “guess” and we don’t just “wing it”.

You’ll feel better, look better, move better, and function better.
Because you’ll benefit from super effective proprietary medical fitness protocols.

You’ll find yourself more joyous, more energetic, and more lighthearted.
Because we joke, make it fun and pull a silly prank every now and again.

Your efforts won’t be wasted on workout regimens that aren’t optimal for you.
Because we never do generic, one-size-fits-all programs.

You’ll get a free 12-point musculoskeletal assessment & diagnostic report.
That’s how we plan your training sessions with specificity and purpose.

You’ll always be in the care of a trained Medical Exercise Specialist.
So you don’t have to figure it out for yourself or risk bad form which can lead to injury.

Fresh towel service, purified healthy drinking water, and massage therapy are some of the ways we make it an extra special experience for you.

Our goal is to astonish you. To delight you. To make you feel great.
Our mission is to drive results and provide a high-end, total experience.

So c’mon, let’s get started! 

Call today to join a semi-private group or book a private training with one of our MES practitioners.

It takes 6 months to a year of in-depth study on anatomy, injuries, kinesiology to earn the MES (Medical Exercise Specialist) certification. All of our staff  are MES accredited. You’re in good hands with us.


years serving our community

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