In this episode of the Medical Fitness Pros Minute, we want to draw your attention to three things that happened over the last week:

  1. Should you put sugar in your coffee? The answer to that question comes from Medical Exercise Specialist, Mirna Espari who shares her advice on the things you should put in your coffee and what you should avoid. Also, if you are diabetic…she has you covered.
  2. Executive Chef Michael Cortez shares cooking tips you can use in your home – Chef Michael visited Medical Fitness Pros and cooked a delicious assortment of food. In his video he shares simple ways you can cook and change the flavor of your foods. If you want to cook more at home but not sure how, this is a great video for you.
  3. Do you want to use protein powder, but not sure what to look for? Many people are confused with protein powders and meal replacements. In this video, Jason Hodge shares a simple explanation for how to understand how protein powders and meal replacements fit into your meal plan. It doesn’t have to be complicated.