Post-Rehab After Total Knee Replacement

I had a total knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago that was giving me some discomfort with tightness in that knee. The doctor told me that I needed to exercise the knee. There was a spot on the back side of my knee that hurt so bad all the time. Through Jason’s training that problem was solved. Through the program that Jason Hodge set up for me, I no longer have the tightness and I’m able to move. That was my main concern. I also wanted to tone up. I loved every minute of it. The exercise program made me feel a… Read more “Post-Rehab After Total Knee Replacement”

Kathy Self

I Noticed the Difference Immediately With Personal Training!

When I signed up for a fitness evaluation with Jason I wasn’t really sure what it would entail but I knew I needed advice on taking better care of my body. Upon meeting Jason for the first time I immediately felt comfortable. His enthusiasm and knowledge of overall health and fitness is impossible to ignore. Jason asked several questions and evaluated my posture and flexibility. He was able to quickly identify where my strengths and weaknesses were and I felt a difference almost immediately. The whole process was informative and empowering. I went in hopes of getting some advice about… Read more “I Noticed the Difference Immediately With Personal Training!”

Sheila O.

Sports Conditioning for College Basketball

I honestly expected Jason Hodge to be like any other ordinary trainer. Working hard, but seeing no results. I’ve had another trainer and she was at 24 hour fitness. The relationship between us wasn’t good, she didn’t encourage me or push me and their program wasn’t effective. After my summer with her I didn’t ever want to have a trainer again. However, I benefited greatly from working with Jason and it took hard work and dedication. I drove out to Katy 5 times a week from Tomball and that took a lot of gas; but it was well worth it. I came… Read more “Sports Conditioning for College Basketball”

Sarah Reno

Personal Trainer Exercises to Improve My Posture

I met Jason Hodge at a gym in 2006. My husband, who was training for triathlons, gave me one on one with a trainer as a gift. At that time, I was the coordinator of my high school reunion and we were preparing for our 30th class reunion. I had just lost about 15 pounds and I was ready to firm up and shed the last 10 pounds. I wanted to look my best when I reunited with my old friends. I instantly felt at ease with Jason who was not at all pushy nor was he intimidating. Jason was… Read more “Personal Trainer Exercises to Improve My Posture”

Jinx Hayden

Personal Training for Direction and Supervision

You are amazing and one cannot do anything but improve under your guidance. It has been a privilege to be under your guidance and care as well as direction and supervision. You helped me realize the importance of being accountable and to work towards realistic goals. I am honored to be a client of yours. I could only improve with your knowledge and… Read more “Personal Training for Direction and Supervision”

Patricia Willis

Exercising After an Accident

I want to thank you for the personal training you did for me at the gym. You were gentle yet tough which is exactly what I needed. Most of all, you helped my husband after a horrible horse accident! He completely obliterated his pelvis, cracked both of his wrists and other injuries. He needed major therapy to walk and you were there! You knew exactly what he needed and guided him along the journey to his recovery. Thank you Jason for everything you have done for us and for so many… Read more “Exercising After an Accident”

Julie Richard

Exercising With Hip Pain

By the time I started working with Jason, I had some aches and pains that had developed over the years.  I knew I needed help.  I asked around the Katy, Texas area and every answer was the same….Jason is the one you want.  He has the training and the desire to help people with pain, he knows what he is doing, and he likes it!  What a great experience.  Jason is educated and confident and I felt that he really did care about my personal needs, not the paycheck.  Our time together was too short but I did feel some strength returning… Read more “Exercising With Hip Pain”

Mary Frances Doris

I Began to Enjoy Working With a Personal Trainer and Lost Over 20 Pounds

I didn’t know what to expect when I first signed on with Jason. I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape, and decided to try personal training as a “last effort”. I had never even participated in group classes, so working one-on-one with a trainer was really a big step for me. As we got started, I found the workouts were a real challenge. I was using muscles that I didn’t know I had, was very sore after workouts, but I loved it. I felt better, had more energy, and really looked forward to going to the gym… Read more “I Began to Enjoy Working With a Personal Trainer and Lost Over 20 Pounds”

Susan Wilson

Improved My Posture and Lost Weight!

When I first started personal training with Jason Hodge, I expected to learn how to plan and execute a daily workout and I expected to tone up my body. I really needed and wanted to improve my posture. Since I didn’t know how to use the equipment, I decided to work with Jason. I learned so much about how to use it and what it should do for me. Everything was explained so that I could understand what I should do and why. I actually looked forward to each session and went home tired each time but I knew it… Read more “Improved My Posture and Lost Weight!”

Betty Hayes

Strength Training for Runners

When I first started training with Jason, it was my first experience with a personal trainer. As most people know, I am a huge cardio fan, but I needed to focus on weight and strength-training! I expected working out twice a week for an hour at a time and working on learning how to use all of those strength-training machines! Wow! They can be intimidating! I planned on focusing on my weaknesses and learning about a balance. It was an awesome experience! I really enjoyed working with Jason because he understood that I wanted to work hard, burn lots of… Read more “Strength Training for Runners”

Laura Kubala

Eating Healthy and Developing Good Workout Habits

My expectations in working with Jason Hodge were to learn more about healthy eating and good workout habits. I really learned a lot from Jason; my eating habits have changed and exercise is a lot different. I don’t half to kill myself doing a workout and if I fall off the truck you can always get back up and keep on going. The benefits I got from all this is I am feeling better and know that i can do anything as long as I know what I am put into my… Read more “Eating Healthy and Developing Good Workout Habits”

Sandy Cadena

Personalized Exercise Programs

I met Jason Hodge in 2007. Jason was very knowledgeable, patient, and he took the time to show me how to achieve my personal goals. More importantly than that, Jason didn’t just apply rigid formulas, but showed that he really cared about me and my goals. I recommend Jason without reservation to anyone in need of personal training or medical exercise… Read more “Personalized Exercise Programs”

Sachin Dalal

Back Pain Related to Pregnancy

I met Jason soon after my husband and I decided to start working out. During that time I was still suffering from lower back pain, about 18 months after the birth of my first son. In search of a remedy, I decided to hire a personal trainer for the first time and I am very thankful that I did! Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was my first time hiring a trainer, but Jason went above and beyond what I imagined the results would be. Every training session with Jason, I learned something new. He has a… Read more “Back Pain Related to Pregnancy”

Zahely Flamenco

Exercising with Shoulder Pain

Jason is a very good personal trainer in that he specializes the training for each individual and listens to what you tell him. He watches your form to be sure you are doing it correctly. Since I was not an avid workout person, he had to start from the very beginning with me. I had been having some shoulder pain and had been to a surgeon who wanted to operate. Jason was able to discover that I wasn’t using the proper muscles to do regular movements, and lifting weights. It took some time, but he worked with me until I… Read more “Exercising with Shoulder Pain”

Jane Stewart

Exercising After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

We met Jason while my husband was taking physical therapy following total knee replacement surgery. We were so impressed with the facility and the positive attitudes of all the staff. We both have health problems and were referred to Jason for further evaluation. We were hoping for some assistance and direction to alleviate our various issues. However, we received so much more than we were expecting. Jason was such a wonderful blessing. He studied us on multiple levels and gave us such positive direction toward our goals. He patiently and thoroughly explained the different machines and made sure we were… Read more “Exercising After Total Knee Replacement Surgery”

Marietta Geers

Sports Injury Recovery

Medical Fitness Pros is an amazing place! Jason is a very cool and helpful guy. Since I had played Ultimate Frisbee with Jason in the past, he knew exactly how to treat my injury when I ended up pulling my groin muscle in the middle of the summer. This injury put me out of the game for two and a half months before I finally went to Medical Fitness Pros and did medical exercise training. After 4 weeks I was in great shape and back playing like nothing had ever happened. 🙂 Jason was very knowledgeable and encouraging. The staff there… Read more “Sports Injury Recovery”

Mitch Etzkin

Running Injuries

I have enjoyed my experience with MFP. The staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I started seeing results in under 2 weeks in rehabbing nagging injuries. In going to MFP, you should expect the staff to listen to your questions, concerns, and goals. They will then tailor a fitness program around goals and fitness levels. They will provide a non-typical level of care that goes above and beyond what you would get at a health club or… Read more “Running Injuries”

Tyson Hann

Exercising with Previous Injuries

My spouse and I have worked with Graham for the last three and one half years. In that time we have seen an improvement in our physical health as well as mental attitudes. We just feel better after we have worked out and that feeling stays with us. Through the direction of Graham we have both improved our stamina, balance, coordination and strength. Graham has designed exercises that have been beneficial in areas where we have had injury and wear and tear on the body through aging. He is careful that the exercises cause no harm and does not expect… Read more “Exercising with Previous Injuries”

Richard Kruse

I Look Forward to Working Out with a Personal Trainer

I started my journey with MFP and Graham Knight almost a year ago. What a year it has been!! Graham is a fantastic trainer who loves what he does and it shows. He knows how to motivate you and keep your workouts fun. I feel fantastic and look forward to my twice a week sessions with him. He and the rest of the MFP staff are top notch!! If your looking for a fun place to work out with a great trainer, look no further than MFP and Graham… Read more “I Look Forward to Working Out with a Personal Trainer”

Angie Weathers

Wonderful Katy Gym and Knowledgeable Staff

Medical Fitness Pros is a wonderful facility with very knowledgeable trainers, great equipment, and a friendly staff. Graham is an awesome trainer. He challenges you without being pushy. He listens when you have an ache or pain, and he designs a program for you to get stronger and healthier without causing any further injury! I can’t say enough great things about this… Read more “Wonderful Katy Gym and Knowledgeable Staff”

Amy Richard

Katy Weight Loss Testimonial

I started training with Jason Hodge in October 2007. I thought that I would get instruction on how to use equipment and get in shape. I needed to lose at least 30 pounds and I had a lot of minor issues with pain in my legs, ankles, back and previous knee problems. Jason assessed my needs and proceeded to help me overcome my problems. I was totally sold after the 3rd session. I was seeing results and wanted to train with him more. I trained one-on-one with Jason for about 3 months and he then gave me an exercise program… Read more “Katy Weight Loss Testimonial”

Joycelyn Urech

Post-Rehab Exercising with Spondylolisthesis (Back Pain)

I was having physical therapy for a spinal issue (spondylolisthesis), and after working with PT for about 6 months they put me in touch with Jason to help strengthen my core further, alongside keeping the PT going. First of all Jason and I met to discuss what I needed. He spent so long listening to my history and really made me feel he understood and cared. When I started working with him he was so kind – not like other trainers who were more like drill sergeants – and he probably listened to my body more than I was. He… Read more “Post-Rehab Exercising with Spondylolisthesis (Back Pain)”

Amanda Kirk

Small Group Personal Training Program

I’ve been going to Medical Fitness Pros for almost 5 years. I have been in small group training the entire time. I can honestly say that I am stronger now in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s. That is thanks to MFP. In addition to small group training, Jason has done a great job providing a variety of other physical activities; pickle ball, rock climbing outings, and my favorite, Dragon Boat racing. Love… Read more “Small Group Personal Training Program”

Nina Train

Personal Trainer Work Out With Low Back Pain

“My health has been improving in the past few years. I have learned the healthy way to eat! I will never be on a diet again! My fitness level has reached heights that I did not imagine was possible. I have been a client at Medical Fitness Pros with Jason being my trainer, coach & fan club during this journey. Jason Hodge has understood my personal goals & my physical limitations. He is very cautious to protect from injury, but smart enough to know when he can ask for a little more from me. I have existing physical issues such… Read more “Personal Trainer Work Out With Low Back Pain”

Shelby Kyle

A Whole New Level of “Personal Training”

Medical Fitness Pros and their staff has changed the way I view training, personal training and just working out in general. I so appreciate how they understand the physical body. I had an issue once that they identified quickly….when I went to another gym…they did not even know the name of that body part…which made me so appreciate MFP even more. Each person at MFP will meet you right where you are and if you have ANY medical history they will research it and help you with it too. Also, when you work with their trainers (either on a group… Read more “A Whole New Level of “Personal Training””

Donna Reiners

Avoided Knee Surgery!

Jason, thank you for all your help in eliminating pain from my knees. Expecting knee surgery I went to you for preparation. After working with your staff and 6 month steady workout in the pool at 24 Hour Fitness, I have no more pain in the knees and no surgery. Thank you also for visiting our office at Chem-Tech and recommending warm-up exercises to reduce back… Read more “Avoided Knee Surgery!”

Jay Jorns

Worth the Drive for this Personal Trainer!

Wonderful staff who cares about your goals, progress, and maintenance. I’m 28 miles away and I refuse to go anywhere… Read more “Worth the Drive for this Personal Trainer!”

Denisha Malveaux

The Best Personal Trainer in Katy

I can’t say enough great things about this place! I love the personal atmosphere. Jason Hodge is by far the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. He truly cares about his clients. It’s easy to see why he’s been voted Best Trainer in a Katy so many times. Thanks Jason for the knowledge and… Read more “The Best Personal Trainer in Katy”

Karen Loo Jaggers

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