Medical Fitness Pros is an amazing place! Jason is a very cool and helpful guy. Since I had played Ultimate Frisbee with Jason in the past, he knew exactly how to treat my injury when I ended up pulling my groin muscle in the middle of the summer. This injury put me out of the game for two and a half months before I finally went to Medical Fitness Pros and did medical exercise training. After 4 weeks I was in great shape and back playing like nothing had ever happened. 🙂 Jason was very knowledgeable and encouraging. The staff there is very friendly as well. Also, the place is always VERY clean and the equipment is in tip top shape. After I was done with my personal training, I was given a set of workouts to do on my own, that way I continue to stay strengthened and won’t re-injure myself again. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who has an injury and is looking for a personal trainer! Worth every penny!!