I was having physical therapy for a spinal issue (spondylolisthesis), and after working with PT for about 6 months they put me in touch with Jason to help strengthen my core further, alongside keeping the PT going.

First of all Jason and I met to discuss what I needed. He spent so long listening to my history and really made me feel he understood and cared.

When I started working with him he was so kind – not like other trainers who were more like drill sergeants – and he probably listened to my body more than I was. He taught me how to exercise without hurting myself further, and how to make the most of the tools I had.

I can honestly say Jason is not only one of the kindest, more attentive and best listening trainers – but also as a person too. He’s struggled with back pain himself, so really understands how debilitating it is having chronic pain.

I’d recommend Jason, his team and MPF in a heartbeat. So blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him while we lived in Katy. Will make sure to pop in when we’re back in the area, for sure!