I started training with Jason Hodge in October 2007. I thought that I would get instruction on how to use equipment and get in shape. I needed to lose at least 30 pounds and I had a lot of minor issues with pain in my legs, ankles, back and previous knee problems.

Jason assessed my needs and proceeded to help me overcome my problems. I was totally sold after the 3rd session. I was seeing results and wanted to train with him more. I trained one-on-one with Jason for about 3 months and he then gave me an exercise program that I could use on my own.

Two years later I have lost a lot of body fat, which is now 23% and my metabolic age is 19! I have surpassed my initial goals and have lost 4 dress sizes.

I will continue to use Jason’s services to train for special events and will continue to use all of the information he has shared with me during the times I had the pleasure of training with him. He really cares about his clients and will find a way for you to work around any obstacles that may prevent you from exercising. Jason has to be the best trainer in Katy, Texas!