My spouse and I have worked with Graham for the last three and one half years. In that time we have seen an improvement in our physical health as well as mental attitudes. We just feel better after we have worked out and that feeling stays with us. Through the direction of Graham we have both improved our stamina, balance, coordination and strength. Graham has designed exercises that have been beneficial in areas where we have had injury and wear and tear on the body through aging. He is careful that the exercises cause no harm and does not expect you to work through damaging pain. That being said he does push hard enough to cause at times minor sore muscles-the kind of soreness that makes you feel good about your effort. Graham is patience in that if you are not ready for an exercise, he finds an alternative that you can do to reach your goals. He is knowledgeable about the body and what it takes to stay healthy and repair physical damage that can be improved through physical training.Though careful yet demanding workout, Graham manages to make the process fun.