4 step process for getting athletes back on the field or court

Mia is an elite soccer player who lives for the thrill of the game, the roar of the crowd. She was on the fast track to success when a bad landing from a mid-air kick sent her crumpling to the ground in terrible pain. Her knee badly injured.

Mia worried that her chances were gone; that her future in sports was likely over.

Her doctor told her about  MFP and our three-step recovery technique, so she came to meet our team of experts. We assured her that this setback was just a plot twist in her story, definitely not the ending.

Step 1 was all about assessing her injury using our 3D body mapping process. Step 2 was to consult with Mia’s knee doctor. Step 3 was to carefully craft a corrective exercise treatment that would expedite her healing without exacerbating the injury. Step 4 was to begin the program.

Mia committed to and embraced the process.

Our role in the medical model

Athletes are often cut off from physical therapy before they're completely healed. This often leads to re-injury. Physical therapy is a wonderful thing and it's crucial to rehabilitate a specific area, but they don't it's not in their wheelhouse to treat the body as an interconnected whole or to work on the other areas of the body that may have contributed to the injury.

 We don't do physical therapy nor do we diagnose injuries.

We're the ones who apply functional science to treat the injured area as well as build up supporting core musculature. We consider how your body functions as a whole, and work to strengthen and stabilize thereby minimizing your risk of re-injury while getting you into better game shape than you've ever been.

Progress reports to your doctor

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Our Process

Whether you're a weekend warrior or an NCAA hopeful, a triathlon runner or a pickle ball enthusiast,

 Mia’s rehabilitation began, and it was no cakewalk. There were tough days when she wanted to throw in the towel, but the support of our dedicated team kept her going. As the weeks passed, Mia’s knee grew stronger, her agility improved, and her spirit soared.

Step three was about personalized training and conditioning. Mia discovered muscles she never knew she had and honed her skills like a true champion. She was becoming the athlete she’d always aspired to be, and her dream of being scouted didn’t seem so distant anymore.

And then, in the final step, the magic happened. Mia was not only back on her feet but better than ever before. Her recovery had transformed her into a force to be reckoned with – quicker, more agile, and stronger. Her knee injury was no longer a setback but a stepping stone to greatness.

The day finally came when Mia returned to the field, with a new and profound confidence stemming from renewed determination and a heart full of gratitude. Scouts who had once doubted her now watched in awe as she dominated the game. Mia’s comeback was nothing short of legendary.

Mia’s story is a powerful testament proving that setbacks are just opportunities in disguise

and the incredible results achievable through our four-step process. but surpassed them, 

Our treatment method is designed to help athletes overcome their sports specific injury as fast as possible and get them back on the field where they belong.