Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common occurrence for many athletes.  Student athletes, as well as adults marathon and triathlon athletes, play hard and can often get injured.  Some of the most common sports injuries are knees, hip, spine, and shoulders. The last thing an athlete wants to do is not be able to participate in the sport they love.  It’s important that to get completely healed so they can begin to compete again. Our 4 step process will speed up recovery time and ensure you are 100% healed.

Our 4 Step Process to Getting Athletes Back on the Field or Court

Women Working Out in GymOur 4 step process includes:

1. Evaluation process to evaluate the injuries and the limitations the student athlete has.

2. Consulting the physician to ensure we are in alignment with our treatment protocol.

3. Treatment to help the injured area heal as well as build up supporting core musculature.

4. Re-Evaluate and send the physician progress reports.

Our treatment method is designed to help athletes overcome their sports specific injury as fast as possible and get them back on the field where they belong.

Our Role in the Medical Model

Athletes are often cut off from physical therapy before they are completely healed. Unfortunately when the athlete returns to activity, they often get injured again. Physical therapy is a wonderful thing and it is crucial to rehabilitate a specific joint, but it is not their job to work on the other aspects of the body that may have contributed to the injury. Our programs are designed to look beyond the injury and see how the whole body moves as a unit.  We don’t do physical therapy nor do we diagnose injuries, but we can help you reduce your risk of re-injury.

Running Injuries and Triathletes

Running injuries are quite common. We typically see IT band syndrome, patello-femoral syndrome (runner’s knee), shin splints, ankle sprain, shoulder impingement, and various types of hip injuries. Many runners and triathletes have injuries that nag at them every time they try to increase their event distance. Our approach will help you get over your injury and return to running without pain.

Student Athletes

Depending on the sport of the student athlete, injuries can vary significantly. Some of the most common injuries are ACL tear, meniscus tear, PCL rupture, shoulder dislocation, and hip dislocation. Students have an advantage because they do have a team of athletic trainers available to them to aid in their recovery, but when a student athlete is being re-injured on a consistent basis, it’s time to take a different approach. We will evaluate them, consult with their physician, and we can also communicate with the coach and athletic trainers to let them know what we are finding and work with them to help them recover quickly.

Weekend Warriors

Sports InjuriesWeekend warriors often suffer from the following injuries: herniated disc in the lower back  or neck, achilles tendon rupture, meniscus tear, muscle strain, or a knee injury. Adding proper strength training into your routine will help you strengthen and stabilize your body, reducing your risk of injury. A well balanced program is crucial for long-term, injury-free play.

Our Medical Exercise Specialists can design the best program for you based on your favored sport and your workout history. We can help you get on the right track.


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