With there being so many factors that contribute to being a fast runner, I thought I would give you some help on an aspect of running that you may never have thought would increase your speed.  Everyone knows that a speed training workout begins with the warm-up phase.  But what does this consist of?

Should you just do a light jog for a few minutes to get your blood flowing and muscles warm, then go straight into training?  What about static stretching?  A proper arm-up will dictate how effective you speed workout will go.  The hip, knees, as well as the ankles are all joints that are used in running and should be focused on during your warm-up routine.  Mobility stretching at theses sites will help stabilize.

Ankle Mobility
















 Hip Mobility
















Next, go through a combination of dynamic drills that are specific to the type of running routine that you will do during that workout.  For instance, if your focus is on increasing your lateral speed, than shuffle or carioca drills would be an ideal warm-up drill.

For those of you what are looking to increase your speed, don’t neglect the important steps of warming-up your hip and ankle joints followed by dynamic stretching drills that resemble the type of running mechanics that you will be working on during that workout.  You should spend an equal amount of time (or even longer) warming-up compared to the time you devote to running drills.

Jason Harley, Certified Personal Trainer and IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist