We had many questions and request for more information so we are going to add a second seminar to the last Rev Up Your Metabolism seminar. This seminar will include the following information:

What types of cardiovascular exercises increase your metabolism the most?
What types of exercise can decrease your metabolism over time?
Which strength training techniques can you use to boost your metabolism
What specific foods should you be consuming to Rev Up Your Metabolism more?
What does a meal plan look like for someone trying to increase their metabolism?
What are some practical every day tips you can use to boost your metabolism?

If you are ready to increase your metabolism be sure to attend our seminar this Thursday night at 7:30 PM at Medical Fitness Pros

Price: Free to the public
To Register: comment below, call us at 281-500-6055, or visit our facebook event page

What if I can’t attend?  Simply register your information in the form below and we will send you a link to a video of the seminar as soon as we get it uploaded.