Posture Alignment

Your Pain is NOT Inevitable

Posture Alignment is all about bio-mechanics.

When the body is out of alignment, it uses muscles for movement that were actually designed for support. Think of it like only using a pitching wedge to play golf… It kind of works, but it’s far from optimal. Your ball won’t go as far, you’ll have to take way too many shots to get to the hole, you’ll put way too much stress on your swing, and in the end, you’ll get worn out. That’s what happens when the body is out of alignment. Ultimately, the result is premature wear and tear on the muscles and skeletal systems and eventually- PAIN. Posture alignment therapy is a medically recognized method of alleviating the aches and pains you thought you were stuck with for life.

Postural deviation at one or more of the weight-bearing joints can cause muscle, bone and joint compensation throughout the entire body. This is where pain sets in. When we hurt, we move less. When we move less, we do less and that’s when our lives become limited and our condition becomes acute.

At Medical Fitness Pros, we thoroughly evaluate a client’s posture and physical function. We then cross reference with their particular pain symptoms. From that analysis, an individualized exercise and stretching program is developed to address the particular postural issues.

As the body moves back into alignment, internal organs will return to optimal function and noticeable improvements will be seen in the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems – along with a significant reduction in muscle aches, nerve pain, joint pain, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

This is also true for pain stemming from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and other medical conditions. Clients report the added effects of feeling taller, more relaxed and have far more energy.  You will sleep better and become more fit.

Posture alignment therapy - After 1 session
After One 2-hour session.
Out of Alignment

The gentleman on the right was a chronic pain suffer for years.

As you can see, his left shoulder was higher than the right shoulder while his left hip was lower than the right hip. Most of his weight was bearing on the left side. His belly button should have been aligned with where you see the red square. Can you guess where most of his pain manifested?

After one 2-hour session, his alignment was much better! Obviously, there was more work to do, but he was well on his way to finally being CURED. FOREVER.

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How Do I Know If Posture Alignment Therapy Is What I Need?

Here are some questions to consider:

1. Have you eliminated activities you love to do because of pain?

2. Has your quality of life gone down because pain keeps you from doing the things you love to do everyday?

3. Have you changed how you perform basic tasks because of pain or physical limitations?

4. Do you regularly see a Chiropractor? Does the relief from chiropractic adjustments last only a short time? Does the chiropractor have to constantly manipulate the same areas of your spine/body?

5. Have you been told you have a difference in your leg lengths and need shoe inserts?

6. Have you gone through repetitive rounds of physical therapy that were helpful while in treatment, but did not last once treatment ended?

7. Are you still in pain despite drugs, cortisone injections, surgery, joint replacement, physical/athletic therapy, chiropractic and other forms of treatment?

8. Do you have trouble standing with heels, butt, shoulders and head flush against the wall?

9. Do your clothes hang unevenly on your torso?

10. Do the soles of your shoes wear rub out unevenly? Ex: the heel gets rubbed out while the rest of the sole is perfect.

A YES to 2 or more of these questions is an indication that our Posture Alignment Program may be exactly what you need!

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