Often times, after going through physical therapy, people are scared about what to do next.  They know they need to keep exercising, but they are not sure what to do.  That was the case with Marietta and her husband.  After going through physical therapy for a total knee replacement, they were not quite sure what to do next.  I taught them what they needed to know so they could follow a healthy and safe Post Rehab fitness routine.  We used the exercises that were performed in physical therapy, but we enhanced them so they were beneficial for the health of the rest of their body as well.  I’ll let Marietta tell you what her experience was like in her own words.

We met Jason while my husband was taking physical therapy following total knee replacement surgery. We were so impressed with the facility and the positive attitudes of all the staff. We both have health problems and were referred to Jason for further evaluation. We were hoping for some assistance and direction to alleviate our various issues. However, we received so much more than we were expecting. Jason was such a wonderful blessing. He studied us on multiple levels and gave us such positive direction toward our goals. He patiently and thoroughly explained the different machines and made sure we were fully informed on exactly what to do and for what period of time. He educated us on the benefits of each task and explained the effects the program would have on our whole body. He emphasized the importance of working on all parts of the body to ensure a uniform result and attaining our goals to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Each session was fantastic. Each time Jason gave us positive reinforcement and encouragement to always move forward and strive to enjoy life to its fullest. We truly thank him for his guidance and caring. His passion to help people to achieve their dreams is unequalled anywhere.

– Marietta Geers
Katy, TX resident