Bone health is a very important topic for women as they age.  With the risk of osteoporosis and osteopinea, many women wonder what they can do to improve bone health.  Take a look at this video to learn our favorite tips for boosting bone health.

Nutrition for bone health

I think we often make things too complicated when it comes to our health.  We wonder what exactly do I eat for this condition or that condition, but if you look closely you will find there is a common thread of nutrition choices for various medical conditions.  That is simply choosing healthy foods to digest.  When you are choosing what to eat, think fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and good fiber sources.  Don’t overcomplicate it.

Exercises for bone health

Sometimes talking about things in a video doesn’t come across clearly, so I want to expand on my original comments.  When you are choosing exercises for your body, think about what muscles and bones are impacted by that exercise.  A bicep curl is going to primarily affect your arm, however a lunge impacts more muscle groups, larger muscle groups, and bone structures (hip) that are a concern for many who are risk for osteoporosis.


The exercises listed is not an exhaustive list, but it does cover some good, basic exercises.  I wish I had some pictures of some of the compound exercises we use, but I think it’s still a great start for you.

You should always be cleared by your physician to exercise and of course not all exercises are appropriate for you depending on the various conditions you might have.

If you are concerned about your bone health, contact us.  We can design a program for you that will make a difference in your bone density.