Several weeks ago I introduced a concept I call Team Up Training.  It’s the idea that instead of just getting in shape, there would be adventures we would go on so we could apply our fitness.  We would workout specifically for an event, and we would conquer various sports.  Well yesterday, we had quite an accomplishment.

Medical Fitness Pros’ Team Up Training team decided to enter in to the 2009 Texas Dragon Boat Competition in Sugar Land on October 17, 2009.  The competition had teams from all over the United States.  Many of the teams competed all year round.  Many came with their own jerseys and paddles.  We definitely had the odds against us, but we decided to take our chances and see what we could do.

We arrived at 7 AM in Sugar Land to setup our tent and display our banner.  We arrived to see teams that had come from near and far.  We only had a chance to go through one practice, and half of our team couldn’t make it.  That left is with practicing on the land and just hoping we could get synced together before the race started.  Our first race was definitely a pracitce race.  We began to learn how to work together and not hit each other as we were rowing.  Space in a 20 person boat is tight, and there was little room for error.  In our second race we competed for a chance to win the Rookie Cup.  It was the closest race of the event.  It’s one thing to have to coordinate together to row 500 meters to the finish, but it’s a whole new level to only have 2 minutes to do it in.  Every stroke counts in that type of environment.  Adding to that was the confusion of trying to count together as a team without getting confused by a team that is 10 meters to your side.  We got behind in the first part of the race and suddenly found ourselves playing catch up.  Our timing had gotten off and we knew we had to pull it together if we were going to have any chance at winning.  As we started focusing more, we finally started catching up.  At the end, the race was too close to call.  Neither team knew for sure who won, but the other team celebrated anyway.  We thought we had lost it.  After all of the training, time, and exhaustion we had gone through, it was over.

Finally, the results were posted.  It was the closest race of the day.  The victory was by the narrowest of margins.  1/100th of a second, but it was our greatest moment of the day.  It made all of the training, the time, and the early morning workouts worth it.  There were team members that were scared to death when we began this adventure.  Many wanted to back out and some actually did.  They missed out on an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity.

After finishing the day we finally were given the trophy we were awarded something called the Rookie Cup for first year participants.  It was something we worked and trained hard for, and it was definitely worth it.  We were excited to be able to walk up on stage and accept our prize. I’m not sure any of us would trade what happened yesterday for anything.  Was it hard? Yes!
Was it exhausting? Yes!
Would we do it again? In a second!

You don’t run from obstacles or challenges.  You have faith in your abilities and you strive to do your best.  It isn’t always easy, but the reward of working hard is worth it.  You begin to grow in confidence, and you realize that you can accomplish things too.  You may feel like giving up some times.  But if you can persevere, you will have a memory that you will never forget. Are you accomplishing things with your fitness?  Come join us for Team Up Training.  We have a new adventure coming soon.  Don’t miss your chance to create a memory of a liftetime.

Team Up Training – Making Fitness Fun!