Turning soft tissue injuries into healthy love connections

( we make your body's love story a lot less painful )

fit anatomy man doing exercise
Musculoskeletal injuries – that of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, or blood vessels – are the ultimate puzzlers of the human body, confounding even the most dedicated Google self-diagnosers.

But guess what, folks? MFP (aka “Muscle Fixing Pros”) is the only fitness facility around able to successfully tackle these tricky ailments, with a huge holistic dose of Applied Functional Science and the precision of medical exercise.

We’re like the Sherlock Holmes of your soft tissue issues, solving mysteries that leave others scratching their heads.

So, if you want to experience the magic of feeling better that only MFP can deliver, bring your aches, pains, and mysterious twinges to us. We’ll have your body singing “Hallelujah” in no time, and you’ll be back to lifting, bending, and two-stepping with the best of ’em.

Among the conditions we treat:

Glossary of painful events