Medical Fitness Pros was recently voted as the “Best of” for 3 different awards by the Katy community.  The Rancher allows readers to vote for various awards for a variety of categories.  We’ve been selected as Personal Trainer of the Year in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011, but this year was really special.  Here are our recent awards and what they mean.

Best Weight Loss, Best Gym, Best Wellness

Best Workout Facility/Gym

Typically large gyms win this award every year, but this is the second year in a row we have won this award.  It means so much to us because the community recognizes our facility as a positive, fun environment to workout in.  We are not the typical gym.  We have people with injuries and major weight loss goals.  So to have the people who visit our facility passionate enough to vote for us is really special.  We must be doing something right.

Best Weight Loss Facility

The is the first year we have won the Best Weight Loss award.  We have recently brought in a Registered Dietitian and are focused more on helping clients that are struggling with weight loss.  The key is to keep people motivated and stay focused on keeping it a positive environment.  Losing weight can be a struggle, but with our expertise, fun environment and challenging small group workouts, people are finding a place they feel comfortable.

Best Wellness Center

Being recognized as the Best Wellness Center is really special because people understand that we are more than just a normal gym.  We have so many people that come in with previous injuries, surgeries, and medical conditions.  It means everything to us that we have been able to help people get out of pain while also getting healthier.  It’s been a wonderful mixture for our clients and we couldn’t be happier about the amazing award.

Thank you Katy for voting for us for such an amazing set of awards.  We are truly honored and look forward to providing even more things to you in 2013!

If you have goals you want to achieve, contact us.  We have helped hundreds of others and we would love to help you too!