The happy hour of recovery

Grab a drink of wellness, anytime of the day

( chug it down if you'd like, no need to wait until 5pm)

With each meticulously designed session, with every deliberately planned exercise and stretch, an intriguing transformation takes place. Your body begins to retrace its steps toward optimal functionality, rekindling echoes of its former vitality.

Picture yourself in the not-too distant future. A time when you can barely remember the  awful pain you currently feel.

That’s the destination of our journey together. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. For everyone.

An hour of happy.  An hour of empowerment. A feel good life.

The only Doctor recommended
medical recovery facility in Katy, Texas

Doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists frequently refer their patients to us for help in alleviate chronic pain & limited mobility experienced by folks suffering from some of the most debilitating conditions. 

Why us? For 2 primary reasons:

Our success rate is 99.7%


We've got serious body science credentials


So… How can we be so close to 100% effectiveness after more than 15 years in business & thousands of people served?

Simple: Every single client who comes to us improves dramatically.
Our one-two punch of AFS and medical exercise is the key formula. And you’ll only find it at MFP.

Our role in the medical arena

Physical therapy often ends prematurely, inadvertently leaving patients with lingering discomfort and vulnerable to re-injury. While physical therapy is crucial for addressing specific issues, it doesn't address supporting core musculature weaknesses that may have contributed to the initial problem. Nor does it approach rehabilitation with an interconnected perspective.

That's what Medical Fitness Pros does. We build on the progress made in physical therapy, ensuring total recuperation.

We don't provide physical therapy and we don't diagnose injuries; instead, we pick up where physical therapy leaves off by applying functional movement science and medical exercises, focusing on your body's natural chain reaction.

Nobody else in Houston does what we do or can boast the kind of successful outcomes we can. Outcomes that are proven, since that's a major criteria for us being insurance eligible.