In the entire state of Texas, we're the ONLY Medical Exercise Fitness Facility that Doctors turn to for help with their patients.

Doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists often turn to us to help ease and alleviate the persistent pain, limited mobility experienced by patients suffering from some of the most debilitating and painful medical conditions. 

Why us? For 2 primary reasons:

Our success rate is 100%

We give unbeatable care


So… How can we be at 100% after 12 years in business & 1000s of people served?
Simple: Every single client of ours who came in with debilitating pain, no longer does!


At Medical Fitness Prosevery personal trainer goes through 9 months of rigorous, high-level medical exercise education. 

It’s an exhaustive curriculum encompassing kinesiology, physiology, functional movement, illnesses, injuries and the correlating effects on the body.

MFP owner Jason Hodge insists on only the very best for his clients. His uncompromisingly high standards form the foundation of why MFP can honestly boast a 100% success rate. No one else even comes close.

That’s why Doctors refer their patients to us. Optimal care, integrity, and a proprietary approach that gets results.

Important Note:
There are situations where bodily pain can not be completely healed forever!
  • For example, when a medical condition is being managed through medications, sometimes the side-effects of the medication can cause discomfort, frailties, and other sensitivities. Because medication is required, eradicating the pain completely may become less feasible, but we CAN and DO seriously reduce the degree to which it impacts your life.
    For some people, the reduction of aches, pains, and chronic ailments such as sciatica may require a sustained regimen as opposed to a few months of rehab.
  • Similarly, if a person has suffered from an injury where there is permanent damage to nerves, tendons, ligaments, or spinal cord it is likely that some degree of fragility and/or limited range of  motion will always exist. How we help in such cases is two-fold: (1) we significantly help to increase range of motion over time and (2) we are able to reduce and alleviate up to 95% of the associated pain  and help prevent further deterioration.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

gain vitality and longevity

Our Protocols

Protocols to treat over 60 medical conditions, illness-related pain, as well as injuries.

Our Approach

We work hand in hand with your Doctor,
who provides us with your pertinent medical

improve your life

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