There is a good chance that you have either had low back pain or know someone that does. They may have had surgery, or they may be doing all of the can to avoid surgery. It’s one of those conditions that once you experience it, you never forget the feeling. It’s not just physically taxing, it’s also mentally and psychologically exhausting. Trying to get relief from back pain can be so frustrating. Sometimes it just goes away for no apparent reason, and other times no matter what you do, you can’t get any relief. There is an approach called medical exercise training for lower back pain that can help you get relief.

Exercising for Lower Back Pain

We know that exercise is important when you have lower back pain. Decades ago we thought bed rest was the best way to treat lower back pain, but we know that’s not the case today. The key isn’t as much exercise, as it is, proper exercise. If you have two different people with lower back pain, but two different diagnosis, one exercise can help one person but hurt the other. One example is crunches or sit-ups. As soon as you tell someone you have back pain, it’s often one of the first things people will throw at you for suggestions. Crunches and sit-ups are an exercise where you flex your spine forward and pull your body up. If you have a herniated disc though, there is a chance you will actually cause more damage to the disc. There are some universal guidelines you can follow that will help you with your back pain though.

Exercise – The Big Picture

When we work with clients with low back pain, we look at a few broad things for their program to include.

Exercise – The Little Details

There are still differences between various spine conditions and you have to pay attention to those little details as well. There are a ton of details depending on the diagnosis, but when exercising you have to design the rest of the program based on the diagnosis. Sometimes crunches are great and there are other times I would avoid them, again, depending on the diagnosis. We use our experience and knowledge in medical exercise training to help us, help others.

What is Medical Exercise Training?

Medical exercise training is a protocol based approach to working with a variety of medical conditions. We take the time to understand the medical conditions and then we design a program, preferably in coordination with your medical provider, to help you achieve your goals. We look at the total body, not just the back pain. We want to get in your business, as they say. Can we strengthen other muscle groups to help you get better faster? Can we increase your cardiovascular endurance in order to improve your tissue tolerance? Can we help you lose 20 pounds in order to take some pressure off your back? We look at everything and then we hold you accountable. When we work with clients, we don’t have to guess what we are going to do, hoping for the best. When we have someone with a specific condition that wants to get better, we help them improve and get better. That is what medical exercise training is all about.

Do you have back pain?

If you are struggling with back pain, contact us. We can help you get into a routine that will help your back and feel better. We will work with your medical provider and teach you what you need to know to improve. It’s really that simple.