I think often times, as a business, we get a little too focused on our agenda and we miss what people are really struggling with. So I made a post to my friends to ask them what they wanted to learn more about.

The responses were great and I couldn’t wait to go LIVE to talk to them about what they wanted to learn.  But I ran into a problem. As I left a meeting to get back to my office before the 4:30 PM Live video, I hit Houston traffic. Surprise surprise, right? So I pulled over and went LIVE from my car. Here were the results.

The question that was asked was about Meal Planning. It was such a great topic that I don’t talk about on video very often, so it was nice to share some thoughts and ideas with something that people are really struggling with. So today we are doing another LIVE Video. We are planning to talk about Back Pain….but with Live video, you just never know what will happen.

Here is what happened on our Facebook Live Video

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