katy-gym-open-houseOur Annual Open House was such a fun time.  Guest Speaker, Dr. Karyn Hall spoke on how to “Manage Stress With Exercise”, an excellent, timely topic for many of us participating.  If you missed it though, I have good news.  You can still watch it!

Stress Relief Through Exercise – Dr. Karyn Hall at Medical Fitness Pros, Katy, TX from Jason Hodge on Vimeo.

Dr. Karyn Hall spoke at Medical Fitness Pros in Katy, TX on Thursday, January 16th to an audience about relieving stress through exercise. Dr. Hall, twice published author, shared how our body normally reacts to stress, and what exercise does for our body, specifically. The audience of about 80 individuals enjoyed the presentation and we hope to have her back again sometime in the future.

larry-archer-testimonial - 2We had about 80 people that toured our Katy gym on Thursday evening.  They tasted samples from the new Red Oak Grill healthy menu, saw the launch of our new programs, and listened to two wonderful talks.  The new programs that were revealed are:

larry-archerTo start the evening, one of our clients,  Larry Archer, spoke about his experience working with us.  He has come such a long way and has made great improvements.  Both he and his wife workout with us, and they are a wonderful inspiration to so many of us.  Despite various surgeries in his past, he pushes through and has made wonderful progress.  We will let him to tell his own story in the video below.

Dr. Karyn Hall is the author of “The Power of Validation” and “Mindfulness Exercises” and is a clinical psychologist in Houston.  Here talk below was wonderful and we are so thankful that she was willing to be our guest speaker on Thursday night.

dynamic-back-school-katyTo get more information on our programs and learn how you can enroll, simply contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!