I would like to introduce you to one of our amazing Medical Fitness Professionals, Megan James.  When you see Megan in person, you might ask yourself, why does she need to set goals.  She looks great already!  But she has goals just like you do.  The things you need to take away from this article are: 

  1. The struggles she is working to overcome
  2. How she is setting goals to achieve them
  3. Why those goals are important for her

With all that said, enjoy the article.  I know you will find inspiration in her story.

Jason Hodge


Hey! My name is Megan James I’m going to start logging my workouts and talk with you about my personal fitness goals.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (yes like the Shania Twain song)

I have always been the tall, thin girl and many would say thats great, what are you complaining about?? But sometimes I feel like Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory and want to feel more like a woman. Not a little string bean girl. Feeling-ThinI’m 25 years old and it is time to become a woman 🙂 My  goal has been and still is to get a more athletic figure and I know it’s time to hit the weight room. I’m a Katy personal trainer and have been interested in the fitness world my entire life but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how much I need to change in order to really accomplish this goal of looking less like a string bean.

My Start in Fitness

I grew up in the dance and cardio world. I started dancing in elementary school and continued through high school and college. The weight room really was not my thing. Not saying that I wasn’t interested in fitness but I just did not have the education on the effects the weight room would have on my body and was actually  intimidated to step into the weight room. I was so concerned about doing something wrong and/or judged for the mistake… so I just didn’t bother going… Does this sound familiar anyone??

Thin Personal Trainer

My first two years of college I was not sure what direction I wanted to take with education. It was between art/dance or kinesiology. Luckily, I made the best decision for me and chose Kinesiology and  absolutely love what I do. I’m surrounded by amazing co-workers that have the same desires I have to help change someone’s life and help them reach their goal. Who can say  that stinks?!

I  started a workout routine in my freshmen year of college and soon after decided to join my dad and brother and their love for triathlons. This was my first real fitness goal and as you can imagine is a lot of cardio based training. Throughout my college career I did mainly run, bike, and swim for my exercises and didn’t fully understand why I was not getting the physique that I so desired. If only I knew what I know now… and I’m sure in a year I’ll be telling myself again “I wish I knew what I know now…” sooo that cycle is just never going to end because there is always going to be a need for more education and I’m never going to know everything there is to know.


How I Will Accomplish My Goal

I know that changes are going to have to continue to be made with how I work out and eat, in order to really accomplish my womanly physique goal! Overall, I need to increase “good” calories in my diet,  eat more often to keep my metabolism rolling and increase the weights in the weight room. SOOOOO here we come woman! I’m ready! 🙂

One of my main focuses will be on my rear end. Don’t laugh I’m serious.   I’m going to give you a quick lesson! Your booty is very important for more than just looking good. It  helps stabilize your pelvis and a strong back helps  prevent or minimize back pain. 🙂 There is the gluteus minimus, which is the baby muscle of the the butt but don’t take it for granted because without that muscle your butt would be dropping to the floor!! This small muscle is actually going to be the butt lifter and you know you want that perky booty!!! The gluteus medius is a verrrryyyyy important muscle too because it is  going to be stabilizing your pelvis! Sometimes if this muscle is weak it can be a contributing factor to tight hamstrings and/or lower back pain. Now the muscle that is going to reveal that fuller look would be the gluteus maximus. This is what I need to get stronger and larger! This means I need to do deep squats and heavier weights.

Now I can’t wait to get started and share my journey! Good bye girl and hello woman!