Katy Personal Training Success Story

Kevin’s success story is an amazing one to listen to.  He came to us for personal training initially with an injury.  It wasn’t a severe injury, but it was enough to keep him from doing what he loved, running.  Every time he ran he would irritate his hamstring and have to stop running again.  After dealing with this numerous times he decided to contact us for personal training.  So our initial goal was just to get him running again, but within a few days his goals expanded.  He decided he wanted to lose weight as well.

While we work with a lot of injuries, 80-90% of the time we are helping people lose weight as well.  The challenging part for us is how to help people lose weight even though they are still injured.

Still dealing with an injury, we just worked on adjusting his nutrition and modifying his cardio, and these are the results he accomplished.  Within the first 3 months he was able to drop 17 pounds!

 How did he lose weight even though he had an injury?

I often tell people that are trying to lose weight that it is much more difficult to lose weight when also dealing with an injury.  Not only are you limited in some of the activities you are doing, but it’s also difficult to keep up the motivation.  If you end up in more pain as a result of the workout you are doing to get in better shape, you are more likely to give up.

For years people thought that those who needed a knee replacement would get in better shape after the surgery because they could be more active but studies have shown that on average those with knee replacements gain more weight in the years following a surgery.

Katy Personal Training Testimonial

So what kind of results did Kevin accomplish in his time personal training with us?

I’ll let Kevin tell you more about his own personal story from here, but if you have an interest in us helping you achieve your goals with personal training or even group personal training, contact us today.  Kevin started with us on September 5th and by December 17th he was down 17 pounds.  Is it time for you to achieve your success story too? Contact Us