When you are dealing with neck pain, it’s difficult to stay focused on an exercise program.  That was the case with Elizabeth Linder.  She was struggling with neck pain and it affected her work and her life.

Neck Pain, How to Overcome it

When Elizabeth first started working with us she had a lot of neck pain.  She had already had an operation on her neck and she had a hard time beginning a fitness program.  She would try to do exercises, but every time she did, it would result in more pain.  This created a vicious cycle of everything getting worse for her.  Take a look at the feature we did on Fox 26 news where we talk about Elizabeth’s pain and how we helped her overcome it.

Notes from the video

Where can I get more information for getting neck pain relief?

If you are dealing with neck and back pain, download my free guide for eliminating back pain.  You will find many great tips in the guide and you can even contact us if you need more personal help getting relief.