It’s easy to give up sometimes, but it’s not the way it has to be.  Today I want to introduce Julia Gordon to you.

Katy, TX Fitness Testimonial of the Month

Julia Gordon has had numerous back surgeries, is 71 years old, and just recently picked up a new sport.  At Medical Fitness Pros we do not like to just focus on fitness, but also on active sports that clients can participate in.  Much to our surprise, Julia wanted to go rock climbing.  I love to see people challenge themselves and we made sure it happened.  Take a look at this video that talks about her journey, shows you some of the exercises she has been performing, and shows you Julia climbing the indoor rock wall.

The clip above shares a little about her journey and her accomplishments, but if you would just like to watch her climb the wall, you can watch it in the video below.  One thing you have to realize about climbing rock walls.  The longer you are on the wall, the harder it is.  It takes a lot of strength and endurance to even hang on the rock wall.  So even though she is not racing up the wall, she has to work very hard to keep holding on to the wall.  Have a look at the video below.