Team Up Training is a new concept in the Katy Texas area.  If you enjoy group training, you will love Team Up Training.  A new concept of group training for the Katy area, Team Up Training will combine the elements of a bootcamp style class with a team mentality as we strive to accomplish goals together.  Throughout the year we will set and achieve various goals in various activities and sports. 


If you are ready to get in shape and stay in shape, Team Up Training will be for you.  When you are enrolled in this fitness camp, you will stay motivated, stay excited, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Today I am pleased to announce our first program.  I didn’t creat this video, but it will give you a good idea of what our goal is.  I apologize in advance for clips he inserted that have absolutely nothing to do with our first event.  Watch it all the way through and you will understand more about our first goal.

On Saturday, October 17th in Sugar Land, we will be competing in our first event.  It will last all day and you will compete against teams from around the country and possibly Canada.  More information about the event.  There will be one Saturday practice, probably the first Saturday of October.  Space is limited to 25 20 participants.

Due to the intensity of the events that we will be competing in, you must attend our group training classes or participate in personal training.  For every event we create a custom program to make sure everyone is physically ready to participate.  Classes are currently available at 6 AM on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I am open to other times based on the feedback I get.  We can also create small group classes for you if you want to do it at another time.  If you are interested in enrolling, please contact us.