Katy Golfers frequently suffer back and hip pain after playing a round of golf.  For many golfers, you just pop some ibuprofen and keep on going, but that doesn’t really fix the problem.

How Katy Golfers should Exercise for Back Pain Reduction

Graham Knight is a Titleist Golf Fitness Professional at Medical Fitness Pros and often encounters people with back and hip pain.  The amount of pressure placed on the spine during a swing is really high, and having a strong core is crucial to staying out of pain.

In this video Graham is going to share his 2 favorite exercises for relieving back pain and teach you about the effect it has on the rotation of the body.  Many people do not realize the importance of glute strength as it relates to core, and Graham does a great job of sharing how to test glute strength and how to correct it.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from back pain during a round of golf in Katy, contact us for more information about our programs.  With the combination of the Titleist Golf Fitness program and our Medical Exercise specialty, we can help you get back on the green in less strokes, pain free.  Don’t let back pain keep you from playing the sport you love.

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