“99% of the population that can perform a perfect deep squat do not lose their posture during a golf swing.”

Golf Swing and Deep Squat Correlation

In my experience, I find that people that first begin an exercise program have a hard time performing a deep squat during our Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness program.  As we continue to work on their posture, core stabilization, and balance, their deep squat and golf swing both improve.


Improving Your Golf Swing

As the golf swing improves you will find an improvement in accuracy, distance, and consistency.  I’ve seen clients add as much as 20-30 yards to their drive off the tee, consistently.

Exercise Specifically to Improve Your Golf Swing

If you are a golfer and exercising is a consistent part of your routine, make sure you train specifically to improve your golf game.  Doing so will improve your golf swing and make the time you invest into exercising, worth it!

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