Do you take insurance?

Yes, here’s the criteria:

1) You must have insurance coverage through a workman’s compensation, motor vehicle accident claim or have a third party insurance carrier such as Cigna, AETNA, or United. Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) are also accepted.

2) Doctor has prescribed our services for long-term exercise therapy. Clinical ailments can range from chronic pain to diabetes-related issues to post-operative impingements.

3) You have residual functional deficits, pain, or inflammation after completion of physiotherapy and/or chiropractic care. These include functional limits in ROM/flexibility, strength, power, endurance, balance, joint stability, muscle spasms, etc.

*The above list is the criteria set for insurance reimbursement from the American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehab Professionals.

What is the cost of your Personal Training?

Personal, one-on-one training sessions are available for MedFit Xtension Therapy, MedFit Fitness, and MedFit Sports Conditioning Programs. Costs range from $150-$225/session for a la carte sessions.

Semi-private Group training consist of up to 6 people. Rates: $75-$95 /session. Monthly membership rates are available when you sign on for 3+ months of training. Rates are based on how often per week you want to train. Rates: starting from $240/month.

We offer a 10% discount to those who pair up as a couple.

Can I come in anytime I want?

Sure, come on in and use the facility to work on your program on your own.

I’m a little shy about getting started.  I’ve never done any exercise program before and don’t think I’m coordinated. Can you help me start?

Of course! This is, by far, the biggest barrier for people – starting out.

The first thing we’ll do for you is give you a FREE evaluation so that we can plan a kick-ass program.

Once you come into our facility, you’ll realize there was no good reason to feel shy or self-conscious! At MFP we pride ourselves on an atmosphere that’s private yet encouraging and collaborative. Plus, if you choose our semi-private groups, we make sure to place you with a group who are at a similar fitness level.

Oh, and you’ll NEVER be pressured to sign up for yearly memberships.  They’re available, but you’ll actually have to ask about them!

Do you offer training at our corporate facilities?

Yes we do! We often even bring in our licensed massage therapist (she’s the secret sauce!)

Please contact 281-500-6055 to book us.


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