I know you’ve beat yourself up in the past for eating too much food and not exercising enough, but does eating less and moving more actually help you lose weight? And more importantly, does it help you maintain your weight loss accomplishments?

We are inundated with various diet fads that are out there, with a new one coming out every month. Maybe you even tried several of the diets that are out there. Some of them may have resulted in some weight loss, but did you gain the weight back?

What is more important? Exercise or Nutrition  The short answer is both!

exercise myth


Your body was meant to move, and when that happens your body benefits. Your hunger begins to adjust once you begin exercising on a regular basis.  In the past we were much more active when we worked on farms, and our body commanded more food. Now we have reduced activity and tried to reduce our food intake to balance it out. We have a strong appetite though, and our body needs exercise to create a healthy weight balance.

To reduce obesity, our population has to be active. We cannot maintain a healthy weight by living a sedentary life.  Take a look at this video by Dr. James O. Hill for more information and learn how to lose your weight and keep it off.