We love to brag on our clients when we see how great they are doing.  Last Friday, Marcy McCain brought in her old pants to show the changes she has made in just one year.  She had been diagnosed with Diabetes and Diabetes Testimonial in Katy, TXHypertension (High Blood Pressure) and started working with us so she could get in better shape.  She did it the right way.  She lost her weight consistently over the year and is now down 40 pounds from when she started.  She is keeping the weight off and will continue to lose weight until she reaches her goal weight (we will do a more formal testimonial with her at that time).

Talking to her, she said one of the most important things for her was the accountability of having a personal trainer.  She calls that the key to her success.  She could have gone on a fad diet, lost 20 pounds, and then gained it back as the year went along, but that’s not what she did.  Since October she has been working with Megan in our TONE – Weight loss program.  The great thing about her success is that she lost the weight consistently over time.  We are so proud of her success and can’t wait to share the follow up when she completes her goal in the next few months!