It’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that people just need a personal trainer for weight loss.  About 80-90% of the time, that is the case, but occasionally we encounter situations that have a major impact on quality of life.  That was the case with Julie’s husband.  After suffering a traumatic injury, he needed help exercising and getting some pain relief.  He had already gone through physical therapy to help with the major complications, but he still wasn’t as mobile as he knew he was capable of achieving.  My goal was to help him further his progression, and we accomplished that.

I want to thank you for the personal training you did for me at the gym. You were gentle yet tough which is exactly what I needed. Most of all, you helped my husband after a horrible horse accident! He completely obliterated his pelvis, cracked both of his wrists and other injuries. He needed major therapy to walk and you were there! You knew exactly what he needed and guided him along the journey to his recovery. Thank you Jason for everything you have done for us and for so many others.

– Julie Richard
Katy resident