This is part 2 of our Cinco Ranch Golf Exercise Tip series. Make sure you take a look at our first exercise.

Graham Knight, certified Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor, offers another great tip to help you improve your golf game. This exercise is simple and effective. Using just a single dumbbell, Graham will show you how to properly perform a squat so you can activate your core and glutes. Most people think they can perform a squat correctly, and many will try to perform the squat with a heavy, plate-loaded bar. But doing the exercise correctly is the most important thing you can do. In this video Graham is sharing a fitness tip that you can do at home that will allow you to improve your glute strength and improve your golf game.

This exercise allows you to use just a single dumbbell and a bench or chair.  Do you know how to perform a squat using your glutes instead of your quads? If not, you need to give this exercise a try. Simple, yet very effective.

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