If you are trying to lower your handicap, the TPI fitness program (Titleist Performance Institute) we offer is excellent for helping you stay more consistent in your game, improve the distance on your drives, and help you get through your round pain free. Graham Knight is certified through Titleist for fitness programs for golfers. In this video Graham is sharing a fitness tip that you can do at home that will allow you to improve your glute strength and improve your golf game.

The golf exercise that Graham is demonstrating is the Single Leg – Single Arm Deadlift. It is excellent for engaging your glutes and hamstrings. This exercise will also help you with your posture that is so crucial for helping you stay pain free during your golf game.

This exercise will help you work on your balance as you stand on one leg and reach towards the floor. Few golfers realize that balance is crucial to improving your power. Your balance is your foundation when you play golf. As your balance improves, your ability to increase range of motion and generate more power, increases.  It all starts with the foundation though. With an unstable foundation, you will never achieve your potential you are capable of with your golf swing.

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Take a look at Part 2 of Graham’s video to learn a second simple exercise you can do to improve your golf game.