Total Peace of Mind

relief. from. chronic. PAIN.

Chronic Pain

Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Neuropathic Pain
Nociceptive Pain
Arthritic Pain
Acute Pain

They say "No Pain, No Gain"

We say "No Pain, You Gain"

When you can barely move because your back is killing you
When the pain in your neck and shoulders is unbearable
Making you feel weak, frail, and like you’re falling apart…
If all your energy is sapped just from normal daily chores
And painkillers dull your mood and make you sluggish,
The last thing on your mind is “I need to exercise”.


That's exactly what will help!
Proper exercise is integral to alleviating chronic, persistent pain and restoring your peace of mind.

Stop worrying about when the next flare up will come
Or being frustrated at feeling limited in what you can do.
There's a lasting, natural solution that gets to the root cause of the problem.

Isn't it worth an hour of your time to find out about it?
Don't you deserve to get the spring back in your step?


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“Exercise actually allows people not only to reduce their pain but to overcome limited functioning”

-Perry Fine, MD, American Pain Foundation

Fix It For Good

Look, we don't have to educate you on how devastating chronic pain can be.
You live it. You suffer with it.
But you really don't have to!

Do yourself a REAL favor... Come on in and visit with us. You'll get the peace of mind of a full evaluation completely FREE. There's NO obligation, you won't be sold any gizmos but you will walk out with a detailed assessment and action plan that could change your life.
Kathy S.
Kathy S.
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I had a total knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago that was giving me some discomfort with tightness. The doctor told me I needed to exercise the knee. Through the program that Jason Hodge set up for me, my knee feels perfect now. No more pain or tightness. I loved everything about the experience at MFP.
Julie Richard
Julie Richard
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I want to thank you for the personal training you did for me at the gym. You were gentle yet tough which is exactly what I needed. Most of all, you helped my husband after a horrible horse accident! He completely obliterated his pelvis, cracked both of his wrists and other injuries. He needed major therapy to walk and you were there! You knew exactly what he needed and guided him along the journey to his recovery. Thank you Jason for everything you have done for us and for so many others.
Zahely Flamenco
Zahely Flamenco
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I was suffering from lower back pain for the first 18 months after the birth of my first son. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Jason went above and beyond what I imagined the results would be. Every training session with Jason, I learned something new. He has a wealth of knowledge! He was also very patient and wanted to make sure that I executed every exercise correctly. I was able to keep up with the routine on my own because he provided me with a personal folder containing all the exercises, including variations that I needed to maintain my muscular stamina. Thanks Jason!
Mitch Etzkin
Mitch Etzkin
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Medical Fitness Pros is an amazing place! Jason is a very cool and helpful guy. He knew exactly how to treat my injury when I ended up pulling my groin muscle. After 4 weeks I was in great shape and back playing like nothing had ever happened. 🙂 Jason was very knowledgeable and encouraging. The staff there is very friendly as well. Also, the place is always VERY clean and the equipment is in tip top shape. After I was healed, I was given a set of workouts to do on my own, that way I continue to stay strengthened and won’t re-injure myself again. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who has an injury! Worth every penny!

Proven Exercise Protocols prescribed by medical professionals

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