Chronic Pain

When you can barely move because your back is killing you,
When the pain in your hips, your neck, your shoulders is so unbearable,
When you feel weak, sluggish, and constantly fatigued,
When all your energy is sapped just from the daily grind,
When you avoid the mirror because of all the extra weight on your body,
When the effects of your meds & ailments have got you feeling down,
The last thing on your mind is “I need to exercise”.


Exercise is Integral to Alleviating Pain, Restoring Quality of Life, and Just Feeling Good Again!

Body falling apart


Exercise “actually allows people not only to reduce their perception of pain but to overcome limited functioning”
-Perry Fine, MD, American Pain Foundation

Look, we don’t have to educate you on how terribly devastating chronic pain can be, you live it everyday.
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