Weight Loss and Shoulder Injury Testimonial

When Paolo Aninag started working with us he had 3 goals: Lose 70 lbs Gain the strength, speed, agility, and endurance to get into the military Recover from a shoulder injury Completing the first two goals are challenging (but possible), but meeting the requirements of pullups and pushups, with an injured shoulder, makes it much […]

Weight Loss and Workout Testimonial

I had my second and last child in April 2013.  While I love being a mother, no woman is going to argue that having a baby (or multiple) fundamentally changes your body.  It became really important to me to get in shape.  Why not?  I’m not having any more kids, I’m not quite 30, so […]

Diabetes Weight Loss Testimonial – Katy, TX

We love to brag on our clients when we see how great they are doing.  Last Friday, Marcy McCain brought in her old pants to show the changes she has made in just one year.  She had been diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and started working with us so she could get […]

Katy Fitness Trainer discusses lower back pain on Fox 26 news

Back pain affects 80 – 90% of the population at some time in their life.  Once it begins, it can be a real pain to get rid of.  Many people end up in therapy or have surgery hoping to get pain relief.  Unfortunately for some, even after surgery, they are still suffering from back pain. […]

Katy Personal Trainer on Fox 26 News discussing Neck Pain

Exercising with an Injury on Fox 26 News

When you are dealing with neck pain, it’s difficult to stay focused on an exercise program.  That was the case with Elizabeth Linder.  She was struggling with neck pain and it affected her work and her life. Neck Pain, How to Overcome it When Elizabeth first started working with us she had a lot of […]