Meal Planning – LIVE Video

I think often times, as a business, we get a little too focused on our agenda and we miss what people are really struggling with. So I made a post to my friends to ask them what they wanted to learn more about. The responses were great and I couldn’t wait to go LIVE to […]

Back to Basics

Does anyone else find that the more new diet programs and exercise fads that come out, the more complicated it becomes?  It’s frustrating to me because there are people legitimately trying to exercise and get healthy, but they end up confused and frustrated. What I like most about the beginning of school is that teachers take the […]

Why do you feel exhausted all day after working out?

This is our very first Facebook Live Video feed! We notice that so many people struggle with feeling run down after working out. They are eating healthier and exercising, yet they feel miserable! Why is that? Well in this video I am going to share with you why it happens. The reason you get more […]

Counting Down….

We are always counting down to something. A new job, school starting, starting our workout and diet program on Monday. Sometimes it’s procrastination, and sometimes we take that time to get prepared for the new start. If you are really getting ready to start new on a specific date, what are you doing to prepare yourself […]

A Glass of Wine Equals One Hour of Exercise?

What a great alternative to working out! According to a recent study, one glass of red wine is equal to an hour of exercise! Wait, is that what it really says? I want to dig into this a little more so you can understand the story behind the headlines. Improvements in skeletal muscle strength and […]