Cinco Ranch Golf Fitness Exercise Tip – Part 2

This is part 2 of our Cinco Ranch Golf Exercise Tip series. Make sure you take a look at our first exercise. Graham Knight, certified Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor, offers another great tip to help you improve your golf game. This exercise is simple and effective. Using just a single dumbbell, Graham will show you how […]

Cinco Ranch Golf Exercise Tip to Improve Your Golf Game – Part 1

If you are trying to lower your handicap, the TPI fitness program (Titleist Performance Institute) we offer is excellent for helping you stay more consistent in your game, improve the distance on your drives, and help you get through your round pain free. Graham Knight is certified through Titleist for fitness programs for golfers. In […]

Golfers’ Back and Hip Pain

Katy Golfers frequently suffer back and hip pain after playing a round of golf.  For many golfers, you just pop some ibuprofen and keep on going, but that doesn’t really fix the problem. How Katy Golfers should Exercise for Back Pain Reduction Graham Knight is a Titleist Golf Fitness Professional at Medical Fitness Pros and often encounters […]

Can Your Golf Swing Improve? Try this one exercise to find out.

“99% of the population that can perform a perfect deep squat do not lose their posture during a golf swing.” Golf Swing and Deep Squat Correlation In my experience, I find that people that first begin an exercise program have a hard time performing a deep squat during our Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness program. […]