Fundraiser for Hurricane Victims

We are raising money to help those who were impacted by the recent hurricane!  Every single dollar donated will go straight to helping the community get back on their feet again If you would like to donate to the fund to help our community, you can do so in a few different ways. Donate! You […]

LIVE Q&A About Back Pain

Today we hosted a LIVE Q&A about back pain. We love taking live questions and teaching the audience how we would tackle it. We had a great time on the video, but if you missed it, you can watch it below. (We gave everyone a few minutes to join us at the beginning, so if […]

Meal Planning – LIVE Video

I think often times, as a business, we get a little too focused on our agenda and we miss what people are really struggling with. So I made a post to my friends to ask them what they wanted to learn more about. The responses were great and I couldn’t wait to go LIVE to […]

Medical Exercise Program for Stroke Survivors

Join us this Saturday, July 9th at 12:00, noon for a free seminar where we will discuss our upcoming new exercise program, Medical Exercise and Early Support Discharge (ESD) for Stroke Survivors – Group Exercise Class! This new program will be excellent for someone who had a stroke and has been discharged from physical therapy. […]

Why do squats hurt my knees?

Knee pain when doing squats is so common, but it’s also one of the easiest exercises to correct. To put it simply, most people just do not understand the proper mechanics necessary to perform a squat properly. When they correct their mechanics, their knee pain disappears and they begin to engage their glutes. Most of the […]