Break My Plateau! You’re frustrated, irritated, and almost ready to just throw in the towel. Well before you do, here are 5 plateau busting ideas to get you back on track.

Your intensity has decreased. – This could be due to time restraints or motivation. But if your intensity has decreased, it will decrease your results. Realize that even if you are using the same speed on the treadmill as you were 2 weeks ago, your intensity has decreased. Your body has adjusted to that level and it should be easier for you by now.
Solution: Increase your intensity again!
Your nutrition is slipping.   – You started with a vengeance, but those salads are getting old. Start writing your nutrition down, which will hold you more accountable.
Solution: Start adding some spices to your steamed vegetables and chicken. It will change the flavor enough to keep you motivated.
The machines are letting you down.   – Maybe you started using some strength training programs in the beginning, but it’s just not producing results.
Solution: It’s time to stand up and change something. Sitting on an exercise machine doesn’t burn as many calories as when you are standing up on 2 legs, or even 1 leg. If you aren’t doing exercises that are incorporating the entire body yet, you are missing out.
I’m hungry, tired, and not losing weight. – It starts small. You switch to a low fat peanut butter. Then you cut out carbohydrates at dinner because someone told you they were bad for you. Then you eliminate one of the fruits or snacks from your diet. If you keep working hard, yet keep dropping your calories, you will eventually quit getting results. Don’t cut food from your program thinking it will create better results. It doesn’t work that way.
Solution: Slowly start putting your calories back in to your program. If you’ve been writing everything you eat down, this should be an easy task. If you haven’t, learn to write stuff down from now on. It will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

The motivation is just not the same. – It happens. You started off determined to get results over the next few weeks, and the next thing you know, you are stuck. You might skip a workout occasionally now, or maybe eat something you never would have eaten 2 weeks ago. But does it really matter? If you are going down this road, you are already headed towards failure.
Solution: Don’t give up now. It’s time to find a workout/motivational workout buddy or work with a personal trainer. Don’t allow yourself to start throwing all of your hard work down the drain.