Getting injured while doing something you love can change a fun activity into a scary one.  That is exactly what happened to Holly Wear from Katy, TX.  While training for a marathon, she injured her knee.  She came for help so she could build up the courage to do what she loved again, running.

“I developed a knee injury after training for the full marathon many years ago. The knee injury made me afraid of doing many activities that I once enjoyed. I went years without doing these activities.   I was told that Jason worked with clients that had injuries, and I wanted help so I could start running again.”

What was your opinion of the service you received?

“The thing that stands out the most is that getting me to enjoy activities that I once enjoyed was the most important thing to the trainer more than making money. I really felt that my best interest was at heart.”

What stands out about what you’ve learned from working with Medical Fitness Pros?

“I feel that this training was life changing for me because I was shown how to take care of my knee and strengthen it even after I was finished with my training with the personal trainer. I was given handouts on how to keep strengthening my knee so I could do these workouts at home.”

What is it that we do for you that you find the most valuable?

“The most valuable thing for me that the training did was give me my active life back. I have completed two half marathons and I’m training for my third. I now bicycle for fun and play tennis. With being shown how to strengthen my knee with things I can do at my home I’m now enjoying an active life without little worry of my knee.

“Medical fitness Pros not only works with people with injuries, I just found the best Christmas gift for my boyfriend there. They offer a golf training program for players that want to improve their game. There are not very many programs like this in Katy. This would be the best gift for someone who likes golf and has everything and who also likes a challenge.”

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