Every sport, every position requires a different type of workout.  If you are trying to excel in sports, you must work on specific skills in order to be the best in your position.  With Sarah getting ready to enter a college basketball program, I knew she had to be ready on the first day of camp.  We worked on strength, speed, agility, and quickness conditioning, and when she arrived at camp, she was more ready to go.

I honestly expected Jason Hodge to be like any other ordinary trainer. Working hard, but seeing no results. I’ve had another trainer and she was at 24 hour fitness. The relationship between us wasn’t good, she didn’t encourage me or push me. After my summer with her I didn’t ever want to have a trainer again. However, working with Jason took hard work and dedication. I drove out to Katy 5 times a week and that took a lot of gas; but it was well worth it. I benefited greatly from working with Jason. I came to college pre-season training and I was in great shape and ready to go. I had already strengthened my legs when working with Jason and when I got to college I was prepared. While everyone else was sore, I was ready to go.

– Sarah Reno
Tomball Resident