Does anyone else find that the more new diet programs and exercise fads that come out, the more complicated it becomes?  It’s frustrating to me because there are people legitimately trying to exercise and get healthy, but they end up confused and frustrated.

Build a Foundation First!What I like most about the beginning of school is that teachers take the time to establish the foundation for which the rest of the year is built upon. I remember taking Psychological Statistics in college; every single thing that was taught throughout the year was based on what was learned in the previous weeks. If you did not understand last weeks lesson, you were going to have a very hard time this week. Admittedly, as someone who liked to cram just before the test, I learned quickly that this was not a class to get behind on. I had to stay on top of it or I would regret it later.

We do that with our health too. We want to relax and not worry about things, and then cram right before a big event or function. I want to give you a syllabus, of sort, to help you get on track and stay there.

Strength Training Basics

The exercise industry is always new and exciting. We have new equipment and new complicated exercises, but many people fear the thought of trying to operate a strength training machine on their own. You need to learn the basic movement upon which all exercise movements are built. When you learn how to do the foundational exercises properly, you will know how to do the more complicated exercises safely, how to avoid injury, and how to know there is a problem to get checked out before it becomes worse. It’s not complicated! There are only a handful of basic movements. Understand how to do those and you will be set.

Nutrition Basics

Back To BasicsI have no idea how many new diet books are published each year, but there are too many to try to keep up with them all. It’s disturbing to me that there is a list of the “Top 100 Diet Books on Amazon”. The books are filled with advice on what to eat, what to avoid, what to substitute, etc…. Despite the number of books, an unfortunately high percentage of the population doesn’t feel comfortable cooking. They don’t realize how to simplify healthy cooking, how to prepare several meals at a time, how to change their food so it’s not always the same, or even which type of substance to coat their cooking pan with. Most diet books don’t focus on using restaurants to lose weight for a good reason. Despite what you may think, cooking does not need to be complicated. It doesn’t, and I would love to show you how it’s done.

Cardiovascular Training Effectiveness

While I don’t think we make cardiovascular training complicated, I don’t feel that it’s taught in a way that helps you maximize your results in the time you have to commit to it. If you are spending the time working on it, yet not producing results, you will probably burn out and stop. There are ways you can simplify this part of your lifestyle to maximize your results. The secret is not the “fat burn” button or the complicated charts you see on the wall. In fact, I recently interviewed the founder of the Heart Zone charts you see on the walls of some of the gyms and was fascinated at her viewpoints on the cardio industry. I recorded a video of her responses to the top questions I hear and I would love to share that with you.


Mindset has to be the most overlooked, underappreciated, and least talked about aspect of achieving your goals. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, run a marathon, overcome an injury, get back on track with nutrition, or just stay on track with your results stall. If you do not have the right mindset, you will not be able to achieve your long term goals and keep them. Henry Ford once said,

Whether you think you can or think you can''re right


Mindset is important and it can be improved. It can be the single biggest difference maker for you, and it just might be that lightbulb moment you’ve been looking for.

Solutions to Simplify the Process

WHEW! That’s a lot to work on! Don’t worry though, we have you covered!

With the new school year starting, we felt this was a great time to launch a new program and a new educational resource for the community.

Our New Program 20/20/20

20/20/20 Pilates/Strength Training/Cardiovascular conditioning
202020This program has a mixture of flexibility, core strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition, and strength training all into one. This is an excellent program if you are looking for a balance of activities to improve your health. We are offering free demos this coming Friday, Monday, and Wednesday. If you are interested you can reserve your spot online. There are limited spots open. Learn more and RSVP. This is your opportunity to learn a strong foundation to your exercise and nutrition program, be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and have fun doing it!


Our New Educational Resource – Back to Basics

Back to Basics online resource – For the past couple of months I’ve been working on building a database of information for you. We have the videos recorded and are starting to put them online now. As of right now we have released the videos highlighting the most important foundational exercises you need to know. Other videos discussing nutrition, cardiovascular, and mindset will be released on the website over the coming weeks. Simply create a free login for the website and you will have access today. Register here

We invite you to take advantage of both offers and would love to hear your feedback. Let’s make 2016 your year!